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Clamcleat con roldana


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The Sailor’s preferred choice for adjusting dinghy trapeze lines. Also used for vangs & kicking straps; outhauls and small dinghy forestays. The Clamcleat® CL253 offers a light weight and compact solution for rope adjustment where a quick, positive lock, that is easy to release, is required.

Each Clamcleat® CL253 is supplied with a black «link» (PTLINK). This makes releasing the rope a lot easier. For windsurfing, the CL253 can be used as part of a adjustable downhaul system.

The cleat has an in-built pulley. Manufactured from aluminium for light weight and durable performance, two finishes are available:
1. CL253 has a silver stove enamel finish for a cost effective, high quality coating
2. CL253AN has a hard anodised finish to give a hard wearing surface.

Helpful hints:
– Use 16 plait rope for best results.
– Always use the supplied PTLINK for easier rope release. See rigging sketches on right.
– Waxing the rope can protect rigs from sand damage and revitalise a worn rig.
– Use heat shrink covers or electrical tape to prevent potential snagging points.

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