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Criquet negro 57mm



Organic 57 single swivel / ratchet

The Organic block from Nautos is an original concept that allies composite cheekS with aluminium races for near zero friction and heat resistance, allowing maximum performance in racers up to 32 feet.

 nautos_0015_carga-de-trabalho  nautos_0016_carga-de-ruptura nautos_0018_diÂmetro-do-cabo  nautos_0014_diâmetro-da-roldana  nautos_0009_peso  Manilha estampada
 Working load (kg)  Breaking load (kg)  Rope diameter (mm)  Sheave diameter (mm)  Weight (g)  Stamped shackle
 230  600  5-12  57  107  91012


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