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Motón doble 20mm c/salida


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20mm dynamic DBL/becket block

Stainless steel balls running over stainless steel rails result in a high capacity and performance for such a compact product. Cold forged radiused head increases articulation, is kind to rope and super strong due to the double curved design. Light open axle allows rope to be tied through negating the need for an additional becket. Full molded jacket provides sheave protection for harsh racing environments.

nautos_0015_carga-de-trabalho nautos_0016_carga-de-ruptura nautos_0018_diÂmetro-do-cabo nautos_0014_diâmetro-da-roldana nautos_0009_peso Manilha forjada
 Working load (kg)  Breaking load (kg)  Rope diameter (mm)  Sheave diameter (mm)  Weight (g) Forged shackle
 225  500  2,5-6  20  33  5/32
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